Hello! Welcome to my AP Bio blog. Watch this video to learn a little more about me.

Wow. I just rewatched my About Me video and realized that this has been quite a journey. I remember that when I created the video, I thought it was so good! Looking back, I’ve realized how much my movie-making skills have improved. When I started at the beginning of the year, I had no idea how much my fellow AP Bio Rockstars would push me to do my best work, making me better every day. The quality of my work has improved exponentially since the beginning of the year. I compared the first Above and Beyond video Veronica and I made to the second one, and the growth is obvious. I think, at the beginning of the year, we weren’t quite aware yet of the quality of work Mrs. Girard expects us to do. I am not saying I didn’t try on my first few assignments, but I think I just did what was required of me and nothing more. As the year progressed, everyone in AP Bio continued to go above and beyond, creating amazing presentations and media, and the fortitude and passion of the entire class has definitely rubbed off on me. I know how to use a VoiceThread proficiently, I can write a mean blog post, and iMovie is a breeze (usually). The difference from the beginning of the year to now is mind blowing.

In the last week, I’ve been looking over all of my blog posts and remember all of the different assignments that we’ve done. Never in my wildest dreams did I think we would have so many blog posts on so many different topics! Mrs. Girard is constantly reminding us that our blogs are perfect to send to colleges in our applications, but I also love how it can be a way for me to share all the work I’ve done with my family. I am very proud of everything I’ve done this year in AP Bio, and I am love sharing my work. I also enjoy how the blog serves as a sort of time capsule in which I can look back on everything I’ve done.

My favorite project that I did was the Breakthrough Challenge. I did my project on the effects of smoking on DNA. This was my first experience with stop motion. My first stop motion took me an entire class period, and then I had to redo it. After that, though, I started to get the hang of it and I had a blast. I made a few clips, and personally I think they’re very cute. Although I didn’t win the competition, it was super cool to have a project where we had the opportunity to win money and win a lab for my school. If you want to check out my Breakthrough Challenge, click here.

I don’t know what I’m going to do next year without my Team AP Bio! AP Bio was definitely my favorite class this year. Mrs. Girard pushed us to be creative in our learning, and to have fun! I’m going to miss all of the seniors, who have been so supportive this year, and it has been great to get to know them all. To my fellow juniors, thanks for an awesome year!

Who knows what next year will bring?


9 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi K, what a great review of your year! Your 1st video was engaging and it is nice to know about how you were challenged by your teacher, the material, and your collaboration with classmates.

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  2. It’s so wonderful to see how far you’ve grown in the past year. Your ability and grasp of the material has flourished. And yes, I’m so excited to see where this next year will take you. Mucho Namaste – CUS

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  3. Wow Keira your site is very impressive! I love the humor that you use throughout all of your posts and videos, it makes reading your posts really enjoyable and fun while showing your reader a little bit about your personality! I also really like that you have a contact page on your site. I thought that was a really creative way to use your extra page. Pictures are key and you use a lot of them which was SUPER helpful, especially for people who may not know a lot about science. One grow that I have for you would be maybe including more media in your posts other than pictures. You definitely had a few videos, and they really connected to what you were saying, but maybe adding more links to outside pages for explanations or games could enhance your site even more. Your information in all of your posts is consistently insightful and creative! I hope you continue blogging because you really are very good at it!

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  4. Keira, what an amazing year of learning and reflection. Thank you for sharing your experience through this site! Your posts were well explained, easy enough for non-scientist to understand but also goes deep enough into content to help developing scientist review content. The use of your own videos, work and pictures, combined with additional resources allowed me to learn more and dive deeper into content, especially if a topic peaked my interest. I agree with your reflection that your video and creativity skills vastly improved over the year. I love how you tried new tools and ways to be creative and demonstrate your learning. The types of animations, live videos, stop motion, and tools were impressive and allows viewers to also spark their curiosity. I like how you and Veronica dressed up as doctors to teach about DNA extraction as well. The titles of your Blogs and Investigations were specific and often times cleaver. I liked the alliteration in many of the titles. I hope you continue to add to this site, even after your AP Bio adventures end. It would be great to have you share the links to media tools such as video tools and infographic tools you use as well. This can help others create the amazing things you did. Continue to share your learning and passions. What a great way to encourage others to get excited about science and share their learning as well!

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  5. Keira,
    It has been great following your progress in AP BIO and as a junior at NDHS this year. Your blog is exactly as you described, “a time capsule” of your experiences and growth over the past school year. The thing that impressed me most about your summary reflection and your blog posts through out the year was your ability to be self-reflective on your learnings and about how you personally related to each topic. That connection between yourself and your beliefs and the content made it much more engaging and approachable than a drier strictly academic approach. Additionally, your use of humor in your writing and videos brought a compelling element to each post. Your growth over the year in your technical skill as well as your ability to synthesize content was great to experience. Perhaps in your reflection you could add some insight in to how you may incorporate some of these new found skills into your future academic pursuits. Will you continue to blog? Thanks for sharing your progress with me and including me in your formal commentator process- Dad.

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  6. Always late to the party but so happy to get a glimpse into your life and the incredible work you’re doing. What struck me immediately was how your personality can shine through in any medium. Even if I didn’t already know you I feel like I would come away with a basic understanding of who you are and what you represent. I also loved how reflective you are and how open to feedback and opportunities for growth. It’s great to see your first video and know that you’ve watched it countless times since looking for areas of potential improvement and to identify areas of growth. Stay open to these things – you’d be surprised how many people lack (or lose) the ability to be reflective and continually grow. I’m so proud of you and can’t wait to watch as your next steps unfold.

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  7. Keira, you are so right! You talk about how Team AP Bio pushed each other to go above and beyond throughout the year. This really motivated everyone to do their best work, to try new tools, to push themselves! I think this was part of the magic of the team and it really helped develop a culture of exploration, curiosity, and passion for learning. Thank you for pushing me to continue developing as a teacher and teammate as well. I have so enjoyed watching you grow as a student, media maker, blogger, and teammate this year. I am in LOVE with the GIF at the end of your post. The JUNIORS!!! Oh, how thankful I am that I will see you 3 next year. There are bound to be many more adventures for you 3 SENIORS! Having you as an integral team member this year has meant more to me than you know. I am so proud of your effort, focus, dedication, creativity, perseverance, and time management. You truly earned the outstanding AP Bio award! I hope you will continue to blog and share your insights with the world. You have so much of value to say and share. Keep up the media making too…your spirit and love of learning shine through!


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